What Does Daylite 6 Need to Run on an iPhone or iPad?

As I promised at the end of yesterday’s blog post, today we will look at iOS and Daylite 6.

Minimum Requirements

Marketcircle’s requirement to run Daylite 6 for iPhone and iPad is stated simply: iPhone or iPad running iOS 9.x and higher.

What does that imply for you? First let’s look at the devices that will run iOS 9.x. Apple provides these model lists:


iPhone 4s

iPhone 5

iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s

iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus


iPad 2

iPad 3rd generation, iPad 4th generation, iPad mini

iPad Air, iPad mini 2

iPad air 2, iPad mini 3

iPad mini 4, iPad Pro

iPod touch

iPod touch 5th generation

iPod touch 6th generation

So what devices should you use with Daylite 6? All the above meet the minimum requirements. But wait. There’s more!

Recommended Models and Management

There are capacity and performance considerations, if you are looking to the most out of Daylite 6.

1. Your database will need to be stored on your device. I find that about 32 MB plus 10% of the database size on Daylite Server should be reserved for Daylite 6 and its database on an iOS  device. This could range from about 50 MB up to 350 MB or more.

2. Daylite 6’s user interface needs good device speed, too. It helps you use Daylite 6 more efficiently by reducing interface lag time. There are main factors for this.

  • Buy a newer device - it will have faster CPU and graphics. A good rule of thumb is to avoid devices more than three years old.
  • Buy enough storage capacity - a 16 GB device will probably have too little. Choose 32 GB, 64 GB, or 128 GB instead.
  • Be considerate with apps, media, and settings - all these take up room, and many require the device to perform tasks, so they slow it down. Reduce the number of apps and media titles. Computerworld (9/21/2015) recommends that you turn down or turn off system features like Transparency, Motion, Siri, and Background App Refresh.

3. Your wireless network circuits should support 802.11ac WiFi (and 3G transitional LTE on Cellular models) to help speed up every Daylite 6 and CardDAV sync. You will find these higher speeds only on the following models:


iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus


iPad air 2, iPad mini 4, iPad Pro

iPod touch

iPod touch 6th generation


So that’s it. For optimal performance of Daylite 6 over its lifetime on iPhone and iPad (and iPod touch), including network, I recommend that you choose one of the following:

iPhone 6s Plus with 64 GB

iPhone 6s with 64 GB

iPhone 6 Plus with 64 GB

iPhone 6 with 64 GB

iPad air 2 with 64 GB

iPad mini 4 with 64 GB

iPad Pro with 128 GB

iPod touch 6th generation with 32 GB

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