Daylite 6 is Here - What has Changed?

According to Alykhan “AJ" Jetha, Marketcircle’s CEO, “It’s a big day for us!”

Daylite 6 has been released today, December 1. Throughout the day more and more information about the product will be appearing. Web pages are under test, blog posts are being written, emails to customers are going out, and the iOS App Store begins to list Daylite 6.

 Most of you will want to know what is going on. In this post I will give you my take on the biggest news.

Daylite now has a Cloud service.

Many users feel uneasy managing their own networks and servers. Many Daylite users have small operations that can ill afford a second computer. Some of these have been running Daylite Server on their laptops, though it isolates the server from iOS devices and additional users. This is no longer necessary. Marketcircle has established a robust Cloud server and is starting today to take requests for hosting on it. One caveat: for now the size limit for hosting is a database under 1GB. All others must continue to use the “Self-Serve” option with Daylite Server Admin on a host Mac. There is much more under the hood, but you don’t want to know that much on the first day.

Daylite Client is now Encrypted

Daylite has always encrypted its network traffic. Now, replacing the local database management system from postgres to encrypted SQLite, it protects your local copy of the Daylite database. This is part of leveraging Apple’s sandbox security system. Malicious users and software will now have an even harder time accessing your data than before!

Daylite Features Continue to Expand

There are tons of new features in Daylite 6. Most improve the usefulness and appearance of the interface, but there is a short list of important enhancements I will brief describe here:

  • Task Lists - A new layer of organization between objectives and tasks. Each Opportunity or Project can accommodate as many as you want.
  • Year Calendar View - An interactive color-coded overview of your entire year! Every day can be viewed separately by double-clicking it.
  • Sidebar Mini Calendar - A subset of the Year Calendar in the sidebar, visible for every object. Drag & drop a task or appointment to a date.
  • Faster Task Editing - The view is now List and Details. Always in Edit mode, it saves clicks. Tabbing after task-selecting jumps to task details.
  • Basic Filtering on iOS - Projects & Opportunities filter on Category, Keywords & Status. Contacts on Category, Keywords, First Name & Last.
  • Classification Preferences Editing on iOS - Now there is powerful, dynamic control over database customization - on iOS!

There is much more, and I will write about it in future posts, but this should whet your appetite. If you are ready to learn more or move up to Daylite, just contact us here at Putah Creek Development, and we will help you get started.

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